Stone Restoration

Restore Your Stone or Hard Surfaces to a Factory Finish

The refinishing and polishing of stone surfaces has not changed much over the years. Today we use diamonds and polishing powders. Sure, the equipment is high tech, the abrasives are made with diamonds and there are more features and benefits than ever before, but one thing remains constant: to restore the shine to marble or granite you need to rub the surface with the right abrasives at the right time. Technology today has made it faster and easier.

Contrary to popular belief, natural stone and other hard surfaces are not always durable and maintenance free. Since stone is softer than silica sand—the most common type of sand found everywhere—it can easily get scratched. Some stone can also react negatively to harsh cleaning chemicals, stains, environmental contaminates and even etch marks from routine spills. Over time, as all of these effects accumulate, surfaces can lose their shine and luster, becoming both dirty and dull.

Its time to restore the surface and return it to its original, factory finish. The goal of any such restoration project is to rejuvenate the surface, refinishing it to a highly reflective level where it is clean, feels smooth to the touch, shows the beauty of the surface through vibrant depth and colour, and is easy to maintain.

At MARBLE Renewal, our general restoration process is a natural one just like the process factories use to achieve their original, brand new finish. No coatings or chemicals are ever used. Our process can consist of several steps including stripping, patching, removing stains, resurfacing and polishing. The steps performed vary according to the type of finish you would like to achieve—high-gloss, honed or flamed.

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