Environmental Friendly

Marble Renewal provides treatment to buildings and homes, their facades (exterior envelope) and interiors (floors and walls; counter tops) with products that have been extensively researched and developed to protect, decorate, clean, maintain and preserve all sorts of building materials. We can supply a large range of top up products suited for various materials such as concrete, natural stone, brick and tile (porcelain and ceramic) to provide ideal solutions for many materials that are exposed to water penetration, staining, freeze-thaw cycling and graffiti, but to name a few.

Today, the building industry’s impact on the environment ranges from energy consumption to waste products. Furthermore, products used for buildings maintenance and cleaning are often too aggressive, or even toxic, to both humans and the environment. We are aware of today’s environmental challenges and are utilizing a range of products that feature the following :

  • Water based products.
  • Products that are greater than 90% biodegradable.
  • Products that have zero or very low VOC’s.
  • No  solvent based thinners; no silicone in many products we use.
  • Non-toxic and non-dangerous, hazardous products.
  • Non-flammable products.

The products we use have exceptional lifespan, lasting approximately three times longer than other products available in the market. Our expertise allows us to offer long term performance warranty within our product range. Buildings and homes protected by our products age better and remain fresher looking and clean for a significantly longer period. The products reduce the amount of both water and chemicals that are used while restoring and maintaining building surfaces.

One new innovative product in particular combines water-repellent, oil repellent, anti-graffiti and pollution-removing properties. It offers long lasting protection against water, atmospheric pollution, grease-type staining, penetration of liquids and graffiti. A material treated with this product becomes virtually self-cleaning and will be easier to maintain. Some features and benefits are:

  • Uses photocatalytic action to remove pollutants present in outdoor air and breaks down organic pollution. Air is therefore purified.
  • Is a non-film-forming impregnation product that leaves the treated surface permeable to air and water vapour.
  • Completely colorless after application and does not change the appearance or the composition of the treated surface.
  • UV resistant and does not discolor with age.
  • Applied outdoors on porous facades (stone, concrete, brick, masonry, rendering).
  • Applied on new and renovated constructions.
  • Provides long lasting protection against water, dirt, grease graffiti, and pollution. The combination of these properties and photocatalysis limit the build-up of grime on materials.
  • Under the action of UV light, titanium dioxide is activated leading to the removal of pollution and organic contamination (pollution, exhaust fumes, moss, mould, grease, etc.). Organic pollutants are then converted into water vapour and carbon dioxide.
  • Due to the product’s water and oil-repellent properties, dirt cannot cling to the surface and is washed off by the rain. Surfaces treated with this product thus become self-cleaning.

Green Program

Our action steps are as follows:

1. Action Steps: The Company will take steps to reduce environmental impacts by analyzing its operations and identifying opportunities for improvement. An action plan focusing on resource conservation and waste minimization will be established, and supported by a firm commitment to continual improvement.

2. Action Steps: The Company will take considerable strides to identify environmental impacts and implement policies and programs to minimize its ecological footprint. A firm commitment to continual improvement will result in programs and actions that will show effective results.

3. Action Steps: The Company will take significant steps to protect the environment. Strong environmental programs, best management practices, training programs, and engineering solutions will be implemented which will benefit the environment and the local community.

4. Action Steps: The Company will show national industry leadership and commitment to protecting the environment through wide ranging policies and practices. The Company has mature programs in place that involve management, employees, and their clients which have shown substantial and measurable results.

5. Action Steps: The Company will exemplify the highest standard of environmental and social responsibility throughout all areas of operations. The Company employs cutting edge technologies, policies, and programs which set the international standard for the stone restoration industry.