Slip Safety

Slip Safety Analysis & Solutions

The cost of slip and fall accidents has been pegged at nearly $80 billion each year in North America- a tally that is expected to grow as the population ages. In response, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) in collaboration with the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) has published standards to help property managers, business owners, architects and designers, implement or improve programs governing floor safety.

Marble Renewal has a team of Certified Walkway Auditor Safety Specialists providing an independent traction audit service designed to help assess the slip resistance of both proposed flooring selections and completed projects and installed floors for compliance with National Floor Testing Standards. Our Traction Audit Service offers pre and post installation Coefficient of Friction (COF) testing to ensure a safer environment.

We provide a traction treatment program designed to enhance the finish of natural stone or man-made tile floors while improving slip resistance aimed at providing high traction levels. Our team of highly trained professionals apply specialized cleaning chemicals across the floor to loosen dirt and contaminants followed by applying specialty products to raise the COF levels.

The Auditing Process

After collecting vital information unique to each facility, the Auditor determines the specific areas in the facility in need of testing. The process will analyse and propose solutions as follows:

  • Identify potentially hazardous areas that need more intensive monitoring
  • Using an NFSI certified auditing device, the auditor takes representative COF samplings of each walkway area
  • The data is monitored for accuracy during the testing process
  • The data is analysed to formulate a complete and detailed report
  • The report details the adequacy or potential high risk nature of the respective walkway surfaces
  • The report details the surface maintenance program and its degree of contamination relative to its location in the facility
  • Findings from the report are reviewed with the client to validate or improve their walkway safety overall
  • Follow up auditing is performed to assess the adequacy of improvements and to validate an effective maintenance program for the client’s walkway surfaces.

Services for Architects, Engineers and Interior Designers

We take a proactive approach to help you reduce slip and fall accidents in the design projects. The Compliance Testing Service is designed to help assess the slip resistance of both proposed flooring selections and completed projects for compliance with various National Floor Testing Standards. Our service offers a program to assist with the selection of appropriate flooring surfaces with pre and post installation testing to ensure a safer environment in the projects you develop. Through the program, your firm can ensure the flooring selections specified are independently tested to demonstrate compliance with National Standards for Wet Static and Dynamic Coefficient of Friction. During the post installation audit, traction auditing professionals test and examine completed sites for physical conditions, wet Static and/or Dynamic COF along with usage and traffic flow patterns that may contribute to slip and fall claims. We can also recommend possible cost-effective solutions to reduce these hazards. Our services include the following:

  • Document compliance of proposed flooring choices with ANSI/NFSI wet SCOF/DCOF standards
  • Provide comprehensive, on-site floor surface testing to document compliance of installed flooring with ANSI/NFSI Wet COF standards
  • Develop risk management and maintenance strategies with your clients to minimize the frequency and severity of slip and fall incidents after completion

Marble Renewal brings guidance and leadership to flooring performance testing. We stay informed on all the latest standards.

Training & Education

Marble Renewal can also assist in providing training to educate, inform and keep you up to date. We can help you improve standards awareness for all your design employees.


With the staggering cost of liability insurance and litigation, it pays a contractor to have objective data documenting the COF of flooring projects before they are turned over to the owner. By using traction auditing, you can have documented compliance with the most current testing standards. This documentation can work with flooring contractors, general contractors and the architectural and design team to devise a testing plan that fits your needs and schedule.

Facility Owners”

With the high cost of new construction and remodelling, you want to make sure you are getting what you pay for. Before you start the project, have the architect specify that all hard surface flooring systems comply with ANSI/NFSI B101.0-2012 Standard and be independently tested by Marble Renewal before and after installation. Having objective data that your floors meet the current SCOF/DCOF requirements of the ANSI/NFSI B101.0 testing standard before employees or customers use them, makes you proactive in providing a safe working environment. This documentation can be used in your defense against slip and fall liability and litigation. Let Marble Renewal help you in the planning process as well.Working with your architects to help with proper flooring selection and placement, as well as ongoing walkway auditing, saves you money throughout the life of the facility.