Grout Restoration

Is Your Tile Floor Stained? Dirty? Hard To Maintain? Marble Renewal can Help

Ceramic tiles make the ideal floor covering for many environments. They mop clean quickly and easily, and they take a lot of abuse and still look good. But, while ceramic tiles may clean to a spotless appearance, the surrounding grout usually looks, and is, dirty, discolored and unsanitary (particularly in restrooms where grout is a breeding ground for mold and other contaminants).

Consider the following factors when cleaning grouted flooring:

  • Grout lines are usually lower than the surface of the tile. However, at times, installation of tile can be made grout flat.
  • Grout lines cannot be adequately cleaned by typical mopping because of the tile surface acts like a squeegee leaving the detergent/soil solution to settle in the grout lines. After the water evaporates the residual is twice as hard to remove.
  • Grouted tile in areas where food soiling occurs, e.g. grease and oil, is the most difficult to clean. Cleaning agents require more time to dissolve and suspend these soils.
  • The Marble Renewal Process includes
    1. adequate contact and dwell time
    2. mechanical scrubbing action
    3. suction ; vacuuming the solution from the grout, a critical component since if the solution is not properly removed, the water evaporates and leaves a residue that sticks to the grout and ruins the appearance of the floor.
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