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Flamed Granite


Flamed granite is a particular type of granite finish that requires different care than polished granite. The finishes are very porous and need to be properly cleaned and sealed. The technique of flaming or texturing the surface involves machining where high temperature torches and heats up the crystals on the surface of the stone until they pop, leaving the granite …

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Cleaning and Caring for Granite


Granite, the igneous rock formed from magnum, is very dense, hard and brittle. Granite certainly stands up very well against heavy foot traffic, making it preferable for commercial lobbies and walkways. Granite is at the top of hardness amongst all natural stones. Resistant to most chemical etching, granite is also ideal for counter tops and bar tops in commercial and …

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Why Slate Loses its Color


As we say good bye to Winter and welcome in Spring and warm weather we notice that slate and other natural stone surfaces have dulled and lost their natural shine and luster.   Even with the best of care, slate surfaces tend to dull over time. Deicing agents, sand and the natural salts and minerals from within the stone and …

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The Effects of Deicing Agents on Stone and Terrazzo Flooring


As we welcome in Spring and begin to remove protective mats and rugs from floors and entranceways, the crystallization of many deicing salts and spreading of sand may have caused deterioration of the stone, terrazzo and masonry surfaces. This effect is called subflorescence. Snow and ice melters containing Calcium Chloride, etc. are the cause of this damage. Problems associated with …

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