Flamed Granite


Flamed granite is a particular type of granite finish that requires different care than polished granite. The finishes are very porous and need to be properly cleaned and sealed.

The technique of flaming or texturing the surface involves machining where high temperature torches and heats up the crystals on the surface of the stone until they pop, leaving the granite with a heavy textured surface. Granite with large crystals is more coarse than granite with fine crystals.

We see flamed granite used often in commercial buildings, inside and outside of the building, notably in sidewalks, stairs and steps, and high traffic corridors and open spaces and walkways. The surface of this textured granite provides high traction with a high measured coefficient of friction in order to minimize the likelihood of a slip and fall when the surface is wet.

Where this type of finish is used, careful consideration should be given to provide additional treatment by way of applying premium quality impregnating sealers in order to prevent staining. The sealing will provide deep penetration into the pores of the stone providing protection from grease, oils and food stains. Proper cleaning agents and pH-neutral chemicals should be used prior to applying the sealer.