Why Slate Loses its Color


As we say good bye to Winter and welcome in Spring and warm weather we notice that slate and other natural stone surfaces have dulled and lost their natural shine and luster.


Even with the best of care, slate surfaces tend to dull over time. Deicing agents, sand and the natural salts and minerals from within the stone and surrounding grout and mortar, gradually can create a white or dusty finish on the surface of the stone. Routine cleaning products, sealers, topical coatings and waxes may build up on the surface and conceal the rich coloring and luster of the original finish. Additionally, some slate will naturally flake or chip, which can create dust on the surface that will mask the color.


Our natural restoration process starts off by cleaning the surface and the removal of dust, dirt and other contaminants. Once the floor is clean, a premium quality impregnating sealer and color enhancer is applied in order to protect the surface from staining and acid etching while rejuvenating the finish leaving an enhanced coloring of the slate, bringing it back to resemble its original finish.





Slate tiles serve as a long-lasting option for floors and patios.