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Historic Stone Restoration


Marble Renewal Canada is recognized and qualified by the Canadian Construction Document Committee  to work on all Canadian Heritage buildings.   The restoration, repair and/or maintenance of historic interior stone surfaces is not that much different than the treatment of new stone surfaces. The differences have to do with the approach one takes when treating these surfaces. The challenge …

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The Do It Yourself Approach To Resolving And Caring For Natural Stone

What is the Best Way to Clean a Stone Countertop?   Natural stone surfaces, including countertops, require cleaners that are specially formulated products. Popular household cleaning agents contain acids and alkalines that will damage and etch the surface of the stone. Powder cleaners and scouring pads will leave behind fine scratches. Even disinfecting wipes that aren’t formulated for stone will …

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Freeze/Thaw Cycling in Natural Stone


As Spring has arrived and protective matting gets removed from the many entranceways of buildings, we can’t help but notice the effects that Winter has left behind. On the exterior of the buildings, you’ll notice damage caused by freezing. Interior damage is caused from the tracking in of salts, sand and de-icing agents.   We live in a freeze/thaw climate …

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Slip and Fall Safety


We recently had an opportunity to present Slip and Fall Safety & Prevention to the Frank Cowan Company, a leader in Municipal & speciality insurance, with experience to provide insurance solutions with the flexibility to react to new and emerging risks along with risk management and claims services. Prevention is important to an organization and a solid risk management plan …

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