Historic Stone Restoration


Marble Renewal Canada is recognized and qualified by the Canadian Construction Document Committee  to work on all Canadian Heritage buildings.


The restoration, repair and/or maintenance of historic interior stone surfaces is not that much different than the treatment of new stone surfaces. The differences have to do with the approach one takes when treating these surfaces. The challenge is to stay within the standards imposed by the Society and/or Committee overseeing the rehabilitation of the project. Quite often these standards are well known throughout the historic conservation community and should be used as a guide when writing specifications or prescribing treatments for interior stone surfaces.


We recognize the importance of distinctive stylistic features or examples of skilled craftsmanship which characterize a building, structure, or site and to treat it with sensitivity. Most historic stone surfaces, especially flooring, were not polished. Most of the stone material was installed with a honed finish. Any sheen or polish was achieved by waxing the floor with a natural wax such as bee’s wax. Today, these waxes are not necessary. A premium good quality impregnating sealer can be used in its place to provide protection against staining, etc.  Our mechanical process in conjunction with protection treatment, will return the finish to resemble its original look without compromising the historic appearance.