Slip and Fall Safety


We recently had an opportunity to present Slip and Fall Safety & Prevention to the Frank Cowan Company, a leader in Municipal & speciality insurance, with experience to provide insurance solutions with the flexibility to react to new and emerging risks along with risk management and claims services.

Prevention is important to an organization and a solid risk management plan can help. Many companies today are facing a growing problem on a daily basis costing them thousands of dollars annually. Documentation is needed to demonstrate due diligence in implementing a safe floor program to protect workers, residents and visitors. For example, a single misplaced floor mat will present a greater risk for a trip and fall than it will prevent in slips and falls.

ANSI (The American National Standards Institute) together with NFSI (National Floor Safety Institute) have developed standards governing floor safety. The purpose of these standards are to provide specific methods and procedures for the performance of a walkway audit, which may by their performance, reduce or prevent injuries and fatalities from slips and falls. These standards set forth the guidelines and requirements in the process of walkway surface auditing using a three (3) risk class approach to structure a detailed and systematic procedure resulting in an auditor’s report suggestive of warranted interventions.

Marble Renewal have a team of Certified Walkway Auditor Safety Specialists across Canada who can assist in creating and implementing an assurance program along with onsite and field testing and inspection of all walkways involved. Additionally, we can treat floors to raise the traction reducing the probability and likelihood of a slip, trip and fall.