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Condo lobby


The importance of restoration to natural stone floors ; walls, etc. followed by routine scheduled maintenance in a condo is to maintain the attractive appearance and image of the building. Residents and those new buyers considering acquiring a unit in the building will be pleased and attracted to the image and appearance of an attractive and well maintained building. A …

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Honed Marble Floor


We just completed a marble floor restoration in a private residence in Toronto where the finish to the floor was honed. Honed finishes tend not to show the wear as quickly as polished ones do, however all finishes still need to be properly cared for.   The honed surface finish is more open (the pores on the surface) than that …

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Preparing Your Walkway For Winter


We live in a freeze/thaw climate and are faced with numerous challenges regarding the effects it has on natural stone and concrete. To keep it simple, the root cause of the problem is water. With freezing comes expansion; notably when the water has penetrated beneath the surface of the stone, which is porous to varying degrees. Many stones have such …

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Bathroom Restoration Challenges


We often perform restoration work on commercial and residential bathroom floors, including tub surrounds; stalls and urinals, walls and vanities. The surfaces range from natural stone to porcelain and ceramic tiles, including grout cleaning and restoration.   Bathroom and shower floors take a lot of abuse from a number of sources that leave them stained, dirty, etched (dull spots) and …

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Kitchen Granite Island Top


Our Toronto team recently restored a granite kitchen island top and counter top in a private residence. The customer had ordered the stone from out of the country and when it arrived on site, the stone’s finish on the island didn’t match that of the counter top. The island was in need of sanding and finishing to a honed, medium …

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Hotel Bathroom Marble Vanity and Floor Restoration


Our Toronto team recently restored several guest suite bathrooms in a major downtown Toronto historic hotel. We worked closely with the hotel to ensure minimum downtime to the rooms, in light of the current busy tourist season and guests booked into the hotel. The work performed included chip, crack and hole repair and restoration to both floors and vanity tops. …

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Kitchen Island Counter Top Restoration


We recently completed projects in Toronto private residences involving restoration of  polished marble kitchen island counter tops. Marble is a softer stone and is prone to scratching particularly when sharp and heavy objects are moved across the surface. Objects such as dishes, pots & pans and the likes of parcels are notorious to be placed on the surface and the …

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