Kitchen Island Counter Top Restoration


We recently completed projects in Toronto private residences involving restoration of  polished marble kitchen island counter tops. Marble is a softer stone and is prone to scratching particularly when sharp and heavy objects are moved across the surface. Objects such as dishes, pots & pans and the likes of parcels are notorious to be placed on the surface and the culprits of causing such damage to the stone. Additionally, spills from acids contained in juices; white and red wine, some foods and vinegar, cleaning agents, fruits (lemons) etc. can cause dull spots or etching on the surface that damage the finish. The solution to these damages is to sand the surface to remove the scratches and dull spots followed by polishing to a high shine to restore the finish to resemble its original look. The final step is to seal and protect the surface finish using a premium quality impregnating sealer. For more information on common surface problems with natural stone, visit our website at the following link.