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Why Marble and Limestone Might Be Wrong For Your Bathroom


Marble and Limestone are soft stones and therefore very absorbent. If you were to dye your hair in a shower finished with these stones, the dye could stain the shower floor. Many people choose a durable porcelain tile to compliment marble/limestone for this very reason.   These soft stones often contain more veining, and when they do, veining often indicates …

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Concrete Polishing Commercial


We recently completed a commercial concrete restoration project in Toronto. The before and after pictures capture the effects of the process. Our website goes into detail explaining our approach to concrete polishing.        

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Condominium Elevator and Lobby Restoration


We recently completed in Toronto an elevator lobby restoration including polishing the travertine floor. Renewing interior finishes in your condominium is critical to its success. The curb appeal of the building, right up to the door of your suite, is important to the overall feel of the building and the resale value of each unit.      

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Exterior Limestone Cleaning


Some Limestone’s weather endurance qualities are well-known and respected, and its resistance to damage from the common accumulation of dirt and soil carried in urban atmospheres has been proved through years of use in all types of buildings. There are, however, a number of factors which may tend to create unsightly blemishes on the stone’s visible surfaces. Most of the …

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Changing the Finish on Granite


We just completed a project in Calgary at a downtown commercial office building tenant floor. The existing polished granite floor’s gloss finish was causing a grid pattern reflection that was not acceptable to the building’s Property Director. We were brought in to change the finish from polished to a honed, matt finish, much to the client’s satisfaction.   The picture …

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