Marble Restoration


We just completed a marble restoration project in downtown Toronto in a large premier office building. We were faced with a few challenges that included the removal of wear patterns due to high traffic lanes having their finish dulled and had to remove acid etching in the stone caused from a recent spill of orange juice.    

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Kitchen Island Restoration


We recently restored a polished marble kitchen island counter top for a residence. Prior to the restoration, the top had several stain & etch marks and was void of its shine and luster. Upon completion, the stone was sealed with a high quality impregnator sealer.                                 

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Terrazzo Restoration


The work was completed in the concourse level  between two large office towers. Our process is to setup and protect the area we are working in by cornering it off. We protect carpet and furniture with plastic thus keeping slurry from affecting / staining our clients property / assets.   We then complete our process and polish of the terrazzo …

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Ottawa Concrete Polishing Project


We recently completed a commercial concrete polishing restoration project in Ottawa. Prior to commencing the job, the floor in question had no shine and was very dull looking. After our process, the floor looked very different!          

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New Christmas lights reflecting in the floor


We recently polished the beautiful marble and granite floors in downtown Toronto and have them reflecting beautifully the new Christmas & holiday lights throughout the building.                    

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The New ANSI/NFSI B101.6 Entranceway Floor Mat Standard


Each year thousands of people are injured as a result of a slip and fall. When entering a building typically the first line of defense for most building owners is to employ the use of entrance carpet matting. Although entranceway matting can play a significant role in preventing accidental slips by removing moisture from pedestrian footwear, they often contribute to …

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Selecting Tile

I recently attended an event that featured a presentation by an interior designer on design and décor including tile selection. It’s very important to select the proper tile for the right application. Often design and color and finish will override safety. In wet areas, it’s important to select a tile that has high traction, or a high COF (Coefficient of …

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Slip Safety Presentation to SPIAO


We recently presented to SPIAO (Society of Public Insurance Administrators of Ontario) an overview of Traction Auditing and Slip Safety & Prevention. The group was very well attended with over 45 members and non-members in attendance.   The discussion included an overview of the 9 ANSI/NFSI B101 Standards (American National Standards Institute & National Floor Safety Institute) governing the standards …

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Setting Expectations for Natural Stone

Here are several factors to keep in mind: All natural stone has inherent characteristics; it is natural; and therefore always imperfect. (Or perfectly imperfect, depending upon your view.) Some materials are easier to maintain than others. The appearance of natural stone will always patina over time. Without exception. All natural stone should be set properly, sealed and maintained. This requires …

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The New ANSI/NFSI B101.6 Entranceway Floor Mat standard


What you need to know regarding the proper use, selection and maintenance of your entrance mats By Russell Kendzior Each year thousands of people are injured as a result is a slip and fall when entering a building entrance to which as the first line of defense for most building owners employ is the use of entrance carpet matting. And …

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