Selecting Tile

I recently attended an event that featured a presentation by an interior designer on design and décor including tile selection. It’s very important to select the proper tile for the right application.

Often design and color and finish will override safety. In wet areas, it’s important to select a tile that has high traction, or a high COF (Coefficient of Friction) rating. We know that bathrooms will be prone to having water on the floor and therefore small tiles have their benefits. The more grout required to install the small tiles will actually be beneficial in providing a floor with high traction resulting in a minimum likelihood of a slip and fall happening.

Additionally, small tiles tend to provide a more visually appealing bathroom floor, especially in small bathrooms, larger tiles can be somewhat overwhelming. Small tiles also reduce the number of cuts needed to fit the shape of the floor. Smaller tiles can be replaced easily when damaged.

Before making the choice between large and small tiles, one should give consideration to some factors, notably durability, functionality and cost are major factors, but matching the décor and providing safety and comfort should also affect the final decision.